By Daniel Berlind on Jan 10, 2019

A new year provides the chance for a clean slate. It’s an opportunity to fine-tune the old and ring in the new. This notion applies to all aspects of daily living, particularly the look and feel of high-end apartments.

four of the hottest design trends for high-end apartment living in 2019:

Open Floor Plan

One popular trend in luxury apartments that isn’t going away is the “open floor plan.” Like homeowners, apartment dwellers are eliminating walls dividing kitchens and living areas – and instead opting for the “Great Room,” which provides a more expansive area in which to cook, eat, gather and entertain.

In 2019, we expect designers to take this trend a few steps further, incorporating the disappearing wall feature into their innovative designs. This feature may show up in the form of an elegant wall of windows where you can enjoy surrounding scenery.

Chefs Kitchen

High-end apartment owners tend to want spacious, high-end kitchens.  Many of these kitchens include professional or commercial grade appliances, complete with smart home features. Wine cellars and butler pantries are also common elements, as well as plenty of nooks to incorporate wine coolers and warming drawers.

Regarding the overall look of the kitchen,we will start to see white cabinets dwindle in popularity in 2019. To break up the all-white kitchen, expect to see islands in various pops-of-color, with stunning shades of blue and green as the most popular tones. In addition, dark jewel tones will make their way into the high-end apartment kitchen in the form of black, navy, emerald green and plum. These darker cabinets can enhance a kitchen space with a dramatic, luxurious feel.

Smart Home Automation

With intuitive appliances, heating systems, lighting, security and more, the owners of modern, high-end apartments can take advantage of smart home gadgets – think Google Home or Alexa – to automate and organize their daily lives. Smart technology can give apartment dwellers control over their unit’s overall ambiance, from the color of the lighting in various rooms, to the music playlist and timing of specific meals.

Brass and Gold Will Make a Comeback in Bathrooms

Hues of gold and brass are making a comeback on sinks, toilets, and everything in luxury bathrooms in 2019. These elegant, warm-toned plumbing fixtures and hardware pieces can help exude just the right amount of dimension and luxury feel to any space.

Offered in new finish options like in satin, matte, and spun gold, they add a traditional element to any space, and unlike brushed nickel or stainless steel, they keep fingerprints and water spots minimal.

The Bottom Line

These high-end apartment trends and ideas serve as design inspiration in 2019. They combine the best in functionality and aesthetics to create the ultimate high-end apartment.

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