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1 in 3 rental applications contains fraud.

Are you doing enough to protect your rental portfolio? Download this report to find out.

Can property managers outpace tenant fraud as technology-enabled tampering makes it harder to catch?

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  • The factors driving fraudulent applications
  • How often the average property falls victim to tenant fraud
  • The impact of tenant financial misrepresentation
  • Preventative measures property managers are taking

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Property managers say applicant fraud in the residential rental market is growing 10-15% annually. Moreover, it’s increased 9% month over month since the COVID1-19 crisis hit.

This report provides insights into the scope of the problem of tenant fraud and methods for tackling this daunting challenge.

You'll learn how best practices combined with the latest technology advancements can speed vetting, authenticating, and processing any application.

See how 100 top leasing professionals save millions by identifying and tackling tenant application fraud.

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