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21 Proven Practices to Avoid the Costly Eviction Process

An eBook for Property Managers 

Frustrating. Costly. Burdensome. The eviction process is a lose-lose reality for property managers and tenants.

As the sustainability of evictions faces a major shift, forward-thinking property managers can use their expertise to resolve disputes and restore profitability without disruption, for themselves and for their tenants.

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Tips on How to Prevent Evictions

Property managers may be able to avoid the eviction process altogether by employing best practices that mitigate troubled tenancies. Learn how to:

  • Remedy tenant-landlord relationships and overcome COVID-related delinquencies
  • Attract stable tenants
  • Identify risky tenants
  • Prevent evictions with onboarding and operational transparency
  • Advance unavoidable evictions with solid cases
  • Prioritize rent collection and tenant payments

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Low-income families are stretched thin, spending on average 50-70% of their income on housing and utilities.



Evictions rates have doubled during the last two decades, and continue to grow


Post-pandemic Eviction Insights 

Problem-solving without evictions is an especially valuable skill set for property owners in response to the COVID-19 global crisis. Despite eviction moratoriums, conflict continues.

  • Understand the pandemic's impact on evictions in the U.S.
  • Alternatives to evictions
  • The consequences of ‘self-help’ evictions
  • An overview of the eviction legal process
  • High-level legal requirements for property maintenance
  • A court appearance documentation checklist
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