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July 2020 Newsletter


In the month of June, Snappt detected a fraud rate of 13.9% nationwide. With the recession and rental landscape dramatically altered, we expect the fraud rate to increase. It has never been more crucial for property managers to secure reliable sources of rental income.

Altered Documents-2Dateshifted - Dateshifted documents are from a different time period, typically the month or year has been fraudulently edited to look as if they are current. These are made to look identical to current day documents from a visual perspective, but leave a trace that the Snappt technology is able to detect.

Forensic CheckText Alteration - documents with Text Alteration have been edited either by adding new information, typically numbers, names or addresses, or removing information such as  expenses, liens, etc.

Confronting Costs Rental Fraud Report_inside

Download our Cost of Tenant Fraud Report


In this new report, you'll learn:

  • The factors driving fraudulent applications

  • How often the average property falls victim to tenant fraud

  • The impact of tenant financial misrepresentation

  • Preventive measures property managers are taking