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Tenant Screening with Snappt


Data-driven fraud detection software spots fraudulent financial documents other tenant screening tools ignore. 

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Fight Tenant Financial Fraud

The only tenant screening software that certifies whether documentation is authentic or fraudulent.

Don't leave your rental portfolio vulnerable.

Reduce Fraud-2

Reduce Fraud

Detect more fraudulent documents with advanced data-driven forensics methods.

Manual Screening

Screen Tenants Faster

Streamline the application and screening process so you can make informed decisions quickly.

Reduce Costs-2

Reduce Costs

Reduce time spent evaluating documents and evicting tenants using our automated solution.

Avoid Expensive Evictions

The best way to avoid evictions is to utilize a thorough tenant screening process—yet it’s easier than ever for tenants to alter documentation, such as pay stubs and bank statements, so they can fraudulently qualify for units.

The digitization of the rental application process has led to rampant application fraud. In the past year, 97% of property managers have experienced application fraud, which accounts for an estimated 50% of evictions. At $7,500 or more per eviction, this is an expensive problem for landlords.

To reduce evictions, you need to address the growing problem of document falsification.

97% of property managers have experienced application fraud | Tenant screening with Snappt

Find Falsified Documents

Snappt is the ONLY tenant screening platform that can minimize the risk of tenant fraud by identifying falsified documents. Snappt reduces the risk of bad debt with revolutionary data-driven fraud detection software.

By implementing Snappt into your current leasing flow, you can provide your team with the necessary tools to combat this unchecked problem. Don't leave your portfolio vulnerable! Request a demo today.