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Tenant Fraud Shouldn't Slow You Down


Reduce the risk of fraud and prevent unnecessary income loss in your rental portfolio with SNAPPT. 


Document fraud is on the rise

Don't leave your portfolio vulnerable. Data-driven tenant screening from SNAPPT helps property managers identify fraudulently modified documents and minimize losses from fraud.

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1/8 of applications contain some form of fraud


25% of evictions result from application fraud


2.3M eviction filings per year (1 in 20 rentals)

Traditional tenant screening isn't working

Tenants are increasingly altering documentation required in the screening process.

It’s remarkably simple for applicants to use online tools to alter pay stubs and bank statements to fraudulently qualify for units that they otherwise wouldn’t qualify for. Even innocuous software like Adobe Acrobat can alter bank statements for fraudulent purposes.

Identity checks criminal history are blind to altered documentation.

You have tools to check identity, credit, and background for applicants, and they are important safeguards. But those tools will not spot the altered documents that fraudsters use today.

Manual fraud screening is not consistently accurate.

Manually checking documentation works sometimes. But, altered documents are increasingly sophisticated and digital manipulations are impossible to spot with the human eye. Verifying statements with the government and the IRS is also time-consuming and expensive.

Snappt Makes Fraud Detection Easy

Designed to complement your existing leasing process, Snappt software provides a quick and inexpensive fraud detection engine that helps property managers accurately detect fraudulent documentation, minimize the risk of renting to high-risk tenants, and avoid costly evictions.

Fast and Affordable


No long-term commitments, volume based pricing options, 24-hour turnaround time.

Forensic Check


Snappt is the only platform that uses forensic analysis to check for discrepancies that signal document tampering.

AI Engine


Automation improves speed and affordability compared to other platforms.

Seamless Integration


Snappt integrates into your leasing process, ensuring minimal business disruption.

How it Works

Built by Property Managers for Property Managers

Snappt’s co-founders have 30 years’ experience in property management. We founded Snappt in 2017 when we were running our own property management companies and noticed the tools we had could not effectively detect renter fraud. So, we decided to solve this issue in the multi-billion dollar apartment rental industry once and for all. As a result, Snappt was born.

Our proprietary software minimizes the risks of renting to high-risk tenants and reduces rental income loss for some of the biggest property management companies in the world.

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What is application fraud costing you?

Visit our savings calculator to estimate how much you could save with Snappt.

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